14 Best AirPods Pro Cases and Covers

Are you looking forward to protect your brand new AirPods Pro worth $249.00? When you make such an investment, it becomes mandatory to protect it and that is why this list is showcasing some of the best AirPods Pro cases. However, a few found on the internet are made of cheap silicon which gets soiled and insanitary after a couple of weeks usage and that’s where our article featuring all the best AirPods Pro cases comes into play. 

We have your back! Any best AirPods Pro case that you pick from below options, that we have compiled for you, will not only protect your AirPods Pro from drops, scratches and shocks but also help you to make a fashion statement. So, without any further adieu, have a look at all the best AirPods Pro cases and be worry-free. 

The Best AirPods Pro Cases

1. Catalyst Best Airpods Pro Case

Even though your AirPods Pro is IPX4 rated, it’s not a good idea to dip them in water. This is one of the best cases for AirPods Pro that will help you even in stormy weather. It comes with wireless charging compatibility and with IP-67 waterproofing with a submerging capability of 3.3ft. Isn’t it amazing? 

Wait, it goes beyond than that! This best case for AirPods Pro is military-grade 810G certified with 4ft drop-proof along with 360° total protection. It also surprisingly includes a waterproof silicon seal for your charging port. 

best airpods pro cases

2. Twelve South Best Leather Case for AirSnap Pro

Looking for a case that transcends time? Leather is always stylish no matter what the era and occasion is! Wrapping your AirPods Pro with leather is always a good idea and that is why we have listed this in our list of best AirPods Pro cases and covers. 

The most affectionate part about this best leather AirPods Pro case is its craftsmanship and the highest quality of the leather is offered. This is one of the best leather AirPods Pro cases that features supple full-grain leather that protects your pods from scratches from the outside.

The craftsmanship defined true to its name, a microfiber lining protects your case from the inside. And yes, the AirSnap pro effortlessly supports wireless charging. You can now be free from worrying about losing your AirPods Pro at the bottom of your bag by using the S-clip. 

best airpods pro cases

3. Maxjoy AirPods Pro Leather Case

If you would like to add a premium leather look, don’t miss out on the Maxjoy leather case. If in case you feel not to hide this premium looking AirPods Pro case, you can clip it to your bag or belt loops using the stainless steel carabiner keychain. It comes in four different colour options: black, brown, pink and dark green with a cut out for the front LED. 

The Maxjoy case cover also hosts a strap to connect the AirPods and carry case. Even though it’s not a necessity it gives you a thought of security. All these things makes it one of the best AirPods Pro cases in our list. 

best airpods pro cases

4. KeyBudz Hybrid Shell Hardcover Case for AirPods Pro

If you are looking for a case with minimum bulk and utmost protection, this is the one to opt for and that is why you are seeing it in our list of best AirPods Pro cases. 

This best AirPods Pro case might be loved by many as it features hybrid fused layers consisting a nano-coating on the top to resist dust and fingerprint, a polycarbonate shell at the bottom for tough and solid protection and nonetheless a liquid silicon coating in the middle for shock absorption.

best airpods pro cases

5. ESR Hybrid Frame Case for AirPods Pro

As the wise say, don’t judge a book by its cover. Similarly, do not judge this product by its price tag of $9.99. It combines a scratch-resistant PC body along with shock-absorbing TPU frame. When you are on a move, simply attach a metal carabiner to your bag or belt loops. It fully supports wireless charging as well. 

While the clear PC body makes it look better, it also shows off the dust that gets trapped underneath the case. So make sure that you can keep it clean inside out before investing. 

best airpods pro cases

6. Caseology Vault Best AirPods Pro Case

The Caselogy Vault makes us give a higher consideration because of its tough and textured grip with extra secure adhesive tape design so that you can enjoy the two-piece design without having to worry about the top piece falling out. Even though the Vault looks simple in appearance, it gives a complete 360° protection and definitely a good one to include in our list of best cases for AirPods Pro.

best airpods pro cases

7. Native Union Best Case for AirPods Pro

A product that surprisingly enhances your AirPods Pro with sleek and textured designed. I have personally looked up the net but couldn’t find any other product that matches the tranquillity of its curves and that is why you be seeing this one in our list of best AirPods Pro cases.  

The only downside being that it doesn’t have a flap for the charging port and a carabiner loop for additional security but still offers complete access to Wireless charging coils, Power LED and Lighting port. This best AirPods Pro case can also effortlessly support wireless charging as well.  

best airpods pro cases

8. Monocarbon Carbon Fibre Case for AirPods Pro

This is one of the best AirPods Pro cases that features advanced materials such as carbon fibre material which can withstand shocks and drops from tall heights. It’s slim with 0.6mm and gloss finish gives good feel in your fades and will never fade off.

Simply put on the case and forget about your AirPods Pro being damaged by the trek in the forest, weekend camping or mountain climbing. It comes with a twill weave which makes it more appealing to the eyes. 

best airpods pro cases

9. Spigen Rugged Armor Case for AirPods Pro

Spigen is a brand popularly known for the protection that they offer for your devices. Unlike the cases’ brothers like Tough Armor Case, it is narrower in size, thanks to its silicon build, offering the same level of protection. It ships with a carbon fibre design case, pre-installed resistant tape, additional replacement tape and a carabiner which can be clipped to your bag making it one of the best AirPods Pro cases in this list. 

The silicon case offers solid protection with its integrated Air Cushion Technology that absorbs the initial shock. If you are someone who uses their belongings in a rough and tough manner, this is the best case that you can choose for your AirPods Pro.  

best airpods pro cases

10. V-MORO Best AirPods Pro Leather Case

The V-Moro AirPods Pro leather case is made of genuine cowhide leather with Polycarbonate bumper. No matter how you charge it, you can see when the charging is complete by having a look at the power LED cut-out. It gives your AirPods Pro a vintage look which is not only appealing but also can survive shocks with ease. 

The only aspect of it that I would like to change is the inexpensive looking key ring that attaches itself to the case. Anyhow, with all such beautiful aspects, this is one case which surely needs to be featured in the best AirPods Pro cases list. Ain’t it?

best airpods pro cases

11. Cagos Cute Marble Case for AirPods Pro

The marble pattern hard case and your AirPods Pro are a match made in heaven. If you are looking to spice up the game, then you have over a dozen styles to choose under this category. This is one of the most beautiful and best AirPods Pro cases which is made out of high-quality TPU material with unique prints to make your AirPods Pro look distinctive. The case is of lightweight and can effortlessly support wireless charging. 

Place this cute AirPods Pro case on a table and it will make sure that you receive as many as possible comments from your family and friends. 

best airpods pro cases

12. V-MORO Canvas Best AirPods Pro Case

This case is a way to distinguish your AirPods Pro from the others. It has seven different colours to offer. The premium high-density canvas with PC (Polycarbonate) bumper offers full protection from scratches, shocks and daily damages. This best AirPods Pro case works well with wireless charging and has a stainless steel carabiner to clip on for additional support. The best thing about it is that it is being offered with a lifetime warranty and that is another strong reason to put it in our list of best AirPods Pro cases. 

But the problem you might face is that the top half of the case comes off, which can be easily overlooked by buying a double-sided tape. 

best airpods pro cases

13. Lupct Elf Ball Case for AirPods Pro 

A 3D printed case is all about expressing yourself through your AirPods Pro. There are many other awesome designs you can choose from- fancy a mini Nintendo Switch, minions or the cutest Pokemon that you have ever seen?

Don’t be fooled by its cute appearance, this high-quality soft silicone case is very tough and durable. This best case for AirPods Pro is also anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch. You need not be worried about AirPods Pro being lost as it ships with a carabiner which you can attach to your backpack.  

It is very suitable as a gift for girls, children and women. The only problem with this case is that it does not support wireless charging but if you are willing to overlook it, it may be a good investment. Doesn’t it deserve to be in the list of best AirPods Pro cases because of one con? What do you think?

best airpods pro cases

14. KINGXBAR Luxury Series Case for AirPods Pro

Love your AirPods Pods to the moon and back? Give your AirPods Pro a touch of class and luxury by completely covering it with sparkling crystals. The only choice people will be left with when you take out your glittering AirPods Pro to listen to music or podcasts on a bright day is to gaze upon it. 

The case is made with hard PC (Polycarbonate) and glued with crystals by an adhesive along with a soft interior. This case acts similar to a three-layer protective case and can handle minor impacts and scratches easily.

One can easily charge without removing your case and it also supports wireless charging. This AirPods Pro cover is a great gift for girls, teens and women. All these reasons makes this as one of the top contender in our list of best AirPods Pro cases. 

best airpods pro cases

Now that you have some amazing options available to make your pick, which one would you choose from the list of these best AirPods Pro cases listed above and why? Don’t forget to leave a comment below. And if you any any recommendation that you might think can be included in our list of best AirPods Pro cases and covers, do let us know and we will update our article.

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