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8 Best Apple MacBook Stands

Apple MacBook stands are essential for those who use their MacBook on a daily basis. A MacBook stand can reduce clutter on your desk, optimize space, reduce heat and also elevate the aesthetics of your workspace. This article will focus on all the best Apple MacBook stands which you can buy for your MacBook. 

You may not think of buying a MacBook stand at first but trust us, this is one of the best accessories for MacBook you can own. Though the new Apple MacBook Pro comes in various sizes, the odds being that you will always have to look down on the screen and this is why the article is mentioning some of the best Apple MacBook stands. With such unusual posture come shoulder, neck and lower back pain. Also, after an extended period of usage, people tend to have a hunched back.

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Therefore, you need to have your MacBook right at your eye level. You might also need other best accessories for MacBook (optional) while using a stand. Here’s a list of best Apple MacBook stands that we have tailored for you. Have a look and find the best Apple MacBook stand according to your needs. 

The Best Apple MacBook Stands

1. Soundance Best Apple MacBook Stand

At such affordable price, you can own a chic yet durable stand for your MacBook. We are in awe with the design and that is why thought to place on no.1 in the list of best Apple MacBook stands. It can hold laptops up to 15.6 inches without the sides hanging out wide without any support. This slim stand comes in Aluminium built to last longer. The sturdy built design doesn’t allow the setup to wobble. Also, there’s ample amount of room under your laptop to store other accessories such as a keyboard, mouse and an amplifier- for audiophiles.

This best Apple MacBook stand raises your MacBook by 6-inches providing a perfect viewing angle, preventing hunching and shoulder pain. The easy installation makes it effortless to assemble the 3-piece design. The anti-slip rubber grip keeps your MacBook intact and prevents it from sliding.

best apple macbook stands

2. Rain Design 10032 mStand for MacBook

This best Apple MacBook stand has now been available for almost a decade. You can now guess why we placed it in the second position in our list of best Apple MacBook stands. The single-piece design ensures a sturdy base and zero wobbles while typing. The Aluminium stand comes with a Raindrop cutout to act as a heat sink and facilitate better cooling.

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The perfect ergonomics of the stand raises your MacBook to a height of 5.9 inches. The sand-blasted and silver ionized finish matches the finish on your MacBook making it perfect for the corporate environment. The cable management hole at the back keeps the wires tangle-free.  There’s plenty of storage room place your wireless keyboard, mouse and other accessories. Definitely one of the most sturdy and best stands for Apple MacBook. 

best apple macbook stands

3. Nulaxy Ergonomic Best Aluminum Apple MacBook Stand

This best stand for Apple MacBook comes in the most popular two-hole design. The stand is made from 5mm thick Aluminium alloy, giving it a sturdy built and can withstand up to 8.8 lbs (kg) weight. It comes with surface pads on the top surface to hold your MacBook firmly and protect it from scratches.

The Aluminium stand can host laptops, tabs, etc ranging from 10 – 15.6 inches. Your MacBook is raised to a height of 6-inches for a perfect viewing eye-level viewing angle. This helps you to maintain perfect posture and reduce lower back, shoulder and neck pain. The 1-step installation process makes it completely easy to assemble and disassemble the MacBook stand. 

Available in Space Grey and Silver, to style your MacBook with the stand! The color options and the price makes it one of the top choices in our list of best Apple MacBook stands. 

best apple macbook stands

4. Twelve South Curve for Apple MacBook

If you are willing to spend a decent amount on a premium stand, then this is the option to go for in our list of best Apple MacBook stands. This beautiful looking elegant single piece bent Aluminium design elevates the look of your desktop and adds a premium touch to it. This premium stand for MacBook can accommodate laptops ranging from 11 – 17 inches without sacrificing stability.

You can also use this stand for multi-display or dual-screen functionality. Your MacBook is lifted to a height of 6-inches (15cm) for optimal viewing experience. The parallel support arms provide maximum space for natural ventilation and keep your MacBook safe. The anti-silicone grips prevent your MacBook from scratching and one other major reason to include this in our list of best stands for Apple MacBook. 

best apple macbook stands

5. Nulaxy Height Angle Adjustable Best Apple MacBook Stand

If you have an eye for mechanical designs, then you’ll definitely love this MacBook stand. This is the most unique looking stand in our list of best stands for Apple MacBook. It comes in a Z-type hinge design allowing you to adjust the height and viewing angle as per your desire.

The hinges are meant to last longer than usual are can withstand up to 44 lbs of weight. Hence, this is one of the best Apple MacBook stands that can also serve heavy-duty laptops. The dual adjustable shafts can raise your MacBook up to a height of 10.6 inches. The Aluminium plate comes with a cutout to ventilate heat and silicone padding, to protect your MacBook from scratches.

best apple macbook stands

6. Lamicall Swivel Best Stand for MacBook

This best Apple MacBook stand is super steady. Made with highly durable Aluminium, your MacBook won’t wobble while typing and stick to its place. The top surface comes with rubber padding and also on the front lip to keep your MacBook in place and free from scratches.

The USP of this best Apple MacBook stand is its 360° rotation feature, allowing you to swivel it around- perfect for presentations and group work. The stand can fit all laptops up to a 17-inch size without losing on stability. Also, the rubber pads on the top raise your MacBook to facilitate better heat dissipation and natural ventilation. The Aluminium stand comes in silver and grey colour variants to complement your MacBook setup. For those who like the swivel function, this is one of the best Apple MacBook stands in our list which you can go for. 

best apple macbook stands

7. Macally Best MacBook Aluminium Stand

What a sturdy built this best MacBook stand has! In no sense can your MacBook shake or the stand can wobble while typing. This best Apple MacBook stand is remarkably light in weight and has enough space below to accommodate your keyboard and mouse. The open Aluminium design allows maximum airflow to keep your laptop cool.

The stand can accommodate laptops of sizes ranging from 10 – 17.3 inches. This is one of the best stands for Apple MacBook raises your laptop by 6-inches for perfect eye levels. This helps to reduce neck, lower back and shoulder strain. Also, with upright posture, a stand helps you to maintain the right body posture. Lack of moving body parts make sure that the stand is durable and you have zero worries.

best apple macbook stands

8. Orionstar Best Apple MacBook Stand

Last but not the least in our list of best Apple MacBook stands, yet another great product at a pocket-friendly price. The minimalistic design motivates you to have a clean and chaos-free desk, improving your efficiency. The Aluminium built MacBook stand comes in a lightweight yet sturdy design preventing your MacBook from wobbling while you type.

The rubber pads on the top surface keep your laptop intact and free from scratches. Technically, this best stands for Apple MacBook doesn’t come with an official cable management hole but you can definitely manage your cable through the 2-hole stand design. This premium 5mm thick Aluminium stand can host laptops up to 15.6 inches. The stand can be easily be dissembled into 3 parts for better storage.

best apple macbook stands

Our Advice to Choose Best Apple MacBook Stands

Here’s a brief list of mandatory requirements you need to take care of before buying a best Apple MacBook stand: 

  1. Must be strong and sturdy,
  2. The top surface must have a rubber surface,
  3. Must be made from Aluminium or metal,
  4. Must have sufficient ventilation to prevent overheating and
  5. For better desk aesthetics, select a colour that fuses with most of the accessories and also your laptop.

With this, our list of best Apple MacBook stands comes to an end. We think that you liked the article and definitely choose one of the best stand for Apple MacBook from this list. If you are using one which you think we should include in this list of best Apple MacBook stands, do let us know in the comments section below.

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