The Best Apple Pencil Holders

Apple Pencil is probably one of the most expensive styluses in the market but worth the price. The second-generation Apple Pencil is currently priced at $125 and is equipped with wireless charging. There are many accessories available but this article will feature the best Apple Pencil holders that are available in the market. 

Apple Pencil offers imperceptible lag and free engraving to customize it. So, if you are willing to buy one or already own one, you wouldn’t be happy about losing it. To save you from this crisis, we have rounded up a few best Apple Pencil holders for you to take advantage of them. These best Apple Pencil holders not only put your stylus in rest but helps in charging too. 

If you are looking for more likes cases, charging stands, etc, you might like our other article featuring the best Apple Pencil accessories of year 2020.  For now, have a look at all the best Apple Pencil holders without any further delay. 

The Best Apple Pencil Holders

1. Belkin Best Apple Pencil Holder Plus Stand

Straight from Belkin, there’s no second doubt on its quality, as it comes with a polycarbonate exterior. The elegant yet beautiful looking best Apple Pencil holder can also store your Pencil Tip, Lightning adapter and Pencil cap.

This case offers a combination of a holder and a stand. The inside of this best Apple Pencil holder is made with a soft fabric lining that adds extra protection for your Apple Pencil. The strong magnets in the lid prevent the lid from popping open. The lightweight design makes it extremely comfortable to hold with no compensation in protection. All these features definitely makes it one of the best Apple Pencil holders that you can buy. 

best apple pencil holders

2. ESR Best Apple Pencil Holder

This is one of the most efficient way to carry your Apple Pencil around. The ESR is one of the best Apple Pencil holders which is compatible with both 1st and 2nd generation. As the manufacturer claims, it’s reusable and removable. All you have to do is peel and stick.

The main fabric being PU leather makes it durable and soft Lycra interior keeps your Apple Pencil in pristine condition. The elastic pouch keeps your Apple Pencil in position and makes it easy to grab your Pencil easily. Make sure that you don’t push your Apple Pencil too hard into the pouch, as it may tear the pouch. Rest assured, this surely is one of the best Apple Pencil holders which is not hard on your pocket too. 

best apple pencil holders

3. Aunote Best Apple Pencil Holder Case 

This is one of the best Apple Pencil holders that not only holds your Pencil in position but also protects it from drops, scratches and scuffs as well. Apart from carrying your Pencil, the case makes it easy to carry the USB charging cable, Pencil tips and up to three styluses.

The premium PU leather case guards your Apple Pencil against scratches and accidental drops whereas the soft interior microfiber helps in avoiding scratches. The carbon fibre like finish makes it appealing and gives it a sturdy look. You also have the ability to wash the stains off as it is washable too. This simple and easy to carry Apple Pencil case will make your daily life efficient and less messy.

best apple pencil holders

4. TechMatte Best Apple Pencil Charging Stand and Holder

The one functionality of Apple Pencil that is equally unique and simultaneously hated is charging via the lightning port. This can become irritating after a period of time and can be avoided by opting for a suitable best Apple Pencil charging stand. The perks of using a charging stand are that you can put your Apple Pencil to charge when not in use or stick it inside the holder.

The TechMatte charging stand for Apple Pencil comes with five feet charging cable. All you have to do is to place your Apple Pencil upside down in charging slot. Made from solid Aluminum, it looks gorgeous on the desk.

best apple pencil holders

5. ProCase Best Apple Pencil Holder

Beautifully crafted piece of premium composition leather makes this best Apple Pencil holder look even better when stretched out across your iPad/Pro case.

The lockable holder guards your Apple Pencil against falling off and also protects it against scratches. With the durable elastic band, you can easily take the holder case ON/OFF from your iPad/Pro. The lightweight and practical design makes it a perfect choice to opt for. This is one of the best Apple Pencil holder that comes in three colour variants- black being our favourite.

best apple pencil holders

6. Finite Best Apple Pencil Holder Case

First of all, this is one of the best Apple Pencil holders that comes in a dozen of variants to choose from. The premium PU leather on the outside protects your Apple Pencil from accidental drops and shocks. The elastic pencil holder makes it extremely easy to access the pencil, and the secure straps provide safety and hold your Apple Pencil firmly without having it to wobble around.

The soft interior microfiber lining avoids scratches to keep your Apple Pencil in pristine condition. This best Apple Pencil holder is  durable, lightweight and compact design makes it an excellent option to hold your Apple Pencil along with its accessories.

best apple pencil holders

7. Ringke Best Apple Pencil Holder

Hats off to its creator- in terms of efficient material utilization! It’s hard to find such products in the market. The high-quality PU leather gives it a tough build, making it last longer. The strong 3M adhesive sticks easily on any flat surface and provide maximum hold.

All you have to do is, peel and stick it. For the elastic band to the last longer, this best Apple Pencil holder is sewn into the adhesive piece, preventing it from wear and tear. You can probably take it off three to four times. Also, make sure to buy best pple Pencil cap holders along with it. Just to make it more secure.

best apple pencil holders

8. Stylus Sling Best Apple Pencil Holder

This product might appear to be slightly on the higher side but trust us, it’s worth the money and that is why you are seeing it in one of the best Apple Pencil holders. It comes with a USB adapter pocket to keep it safe. This attaches to the majority of the cases, including Apple Magic keyboard and smart keyboard folio.

This best Apple Pencil holder is completely built from durable elastic material for better functionality and better fit. The comfortable fit makes it easy to insert and remove your Apple Pencil.

best apple pencil holders

9. MoKo PU Leather Apple Holder Case

Looking for a budget holder case for Apple Pencil? Look no further. Without investing a lot of money in expensive holder cases, this best Apple Pencil holder provides similar features.

This is one of the best Apple Pencil holders which is made from premium PU leather on the exterior to make it last longer and the soft microfiber interior keeps your Apple Pencil as new as its day one. It not only holds your Apple Pencil but also the adapter, earphones, Pencil tips and much more.

best apple pencil holders

Apple Pencil starts at $99 and considering the high cost involved, we suggest you to use a best Apple Pencil holder case to protect it from scuffs, scratches and accidental drops. We have suggested you the best Apple Pencil holders in their category. Also, it can be used to hold other accessories as well.

Let us know which of these best Apple Pencil holders you use for your Apple Pencil in the comments below.

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