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15 Best Apple Watch Accessories of Year 2020

If you are reading this article, you probably own one of the most popular watches on Earth. Apple Watch is purely awesome and comes with tonnes of features- for a smartwatch. The third-party accessory makers had ample time to give their best and add value to your Apple Watch. They have been coming up with some of the best Apple Watch accessories that you can buy and increase the performance of your loved Watch. 

Since Apple Watch Series 5 hasn’t much changed from its predecessor, so most of these best Apple Watch accessories 2020 should also be compatible with Apple Watch Series 4. Kindly check the product compatibility for you Apple watch in the product description. 

The best Apple Watch accessories list includes various wireless chargers, bands and many more among others. We’ve ranked these gratifying accessories based on their price to value proposition and also customer ratings, as of today. Have a look below to know about our recommendations of best accessories for Apple Watch. 

The Best Apple Watch Accessories

1. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

The aspects that you can rely on Apple are for its quality and safety, obviously. That’s what Steve Jobs brought along when he joined Apple to save it from bankruptcy by launching Apple iPod.

Every product is designed beautifully to the transistor level. To use Apple Wireless Charger for Apple Watch, all that you have to do is connect wireless charging dock to a 5W USB power adapter and you are good to go. To activate the night mode, prop your Apple Watch against the charging module at the centre, by lifting it up. Its white colour makes it absolutely welcoming and beautiful. A perfect gift for an Apple Watch enthusiast and one of the best Apple Watch accessories of year 2020 that you can buy. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

2. Wearlizer Connector Clasp for Apple Watch

There are many best Apple Watch accessories available in the market under this category. We recommend you to use a quality product in this segment. The reason behind it is that a noticeable blow will definitely unclamp your Apple Watch Band from the module. Moreover, the fall might cause scuffs and damage the module.

Compatible with all the Apple Watch series, it is extremely easy to install. Crafted from premium grade Stainless Steel makes it almost imperishable and irritation-free. First, use the spring bars to attach the adapter and band, and then connect the band to your Apple Watch. We would have also loved to see a replacement tool included. Anyways, this product definitely needs a mention in our list of best accessories for Apple Watch. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

3. Catalyst Best Apple Watch Case

First of all, the case and band are true to the colours displayed. It will add a pinch of vibrancy to your casual tees and shorts. The lava red colour may be well suited for teenagers and the other two for an adult- our opinion. Now, let’s speak technicalities.

This is one of the best Apple Watch accessories that works perfectly with features like ECH and EKG without causing any disturbance. Made from impact absorbing premium polymer, it exceeds the military standard MIL-STD 810G and can protect your Apple Watch from chocks and drops from a height of 9.9 feet or 3 meters.

There is no obstruction in digital crown dial rotation and the speakers have a clear output. If you are looking for a waterproof case for Apple Watch Series 5, we have covered that too at the bottom. Stay tuned till the bottom of the article that will showcase many more best accessories for Apple Watch. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

4. Apple AirPods Pro

We need not speak about the capabilities of AirPods Pro anymore. If you are using an Apple Watch with cellular functionality and run frequently, this is the best device to pair your iWatch with. When you are on a jog or at the gym, you do not need to carry your iPhone with you. Your iWatch is capable of storing music, giving you complete freedom from your iPhone.

You can connect pretty much all the headphones with your Apple Watch but connecting with AirPods series has its own benefits. With active noise cancellation, water resistance, Adaptive EQ and much more, it’s a blind buy. It provides 4.5 hours of listening time on a single charge and more than 24 hours with multiple charges in the case. Do we need any other reason to include this in our list of best Apple Watch accessories. 

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best apple watch accessories 2020

5. iiteeology Best Apple Watch Stainless Steel Band

No matter how many bands you have, what kind of bands you have, if you don’t have this in your collection, buy it! Period! This best stainless steel band for Apple Watch comes in various sizes and for all Apple Watch series. No matter whether you buy it for yourself or for someone special, you won’t regret it. Net weight of 0.16lb gives a feel of premium material and it has a thickness of only 2mm.

It is extremely easy to operate the clasp, taking your experience to a new level. It’s a major upgrade from its previous version with more elegant, less weight and no-screw design. All these features makes it one of the top contender in our list of best Apple Watch accessories of year 2020. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

6. B-Great Armband for Apple Watch

Maybe when you are pumping iron in the gym or lifting heavy weights, it’s a must to have an Armband to secure your Apple Watch. No matter whether you do kickboxing, diving or gymnastics, the Armband won’t wiggle around at all. It comes with 3-rows of air hole design to provide good airflow and a better fit.

The Hook-and-loop fastener makes it easy to adjust the length of the Armband. The elastic material used is rigid enough to prevent drooping over a period of time. With your Apple Watch core wrapped around your upper arm, this best accessory for Apple Watch makes extremely easy to check notifications, play/pause music, check your activity progress and whatnot.

best apple watch accessories 2020

7. HUAFIY Best Apple Watch Leather Band

HUAFIY has been offering great deals in the Apple Watch segment. There are also other products offered by HUAFIY but this top grain leather band with metal buckle is a great and affordable product. The band is made of genuine cowhide and surely can be considered as one of the best Apple Watch leather band from various options available online. 

The wrapped edges keep the leather band intact, preventing it from peeling off. The beauty of leather straps is that they tend to transform their color based on use. So, after a period of use, you will own a personalized premium leather band. What else you need from one of the best Apple Watch accessories of year 2020. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

8. Belkin Boost-up Best Apple Watch Charging Dock

This is a beast to wirelessly charge your iPhone, iWatch and iPad/AirPods simultaneously. Belkin is probably the number one third party makers of wireless chargers for Apple products and you can see this product was featured in our other article showcasing the best Apple Watch charging stands

It charges your iPhone at the speed of 7.5W and Apple Watch at 5W. You can also connect your iPad or AirPods via a USB-A port to charge all the three devices simultaneously. This is one of the best accessories for Apple Watch that also supports Nightstand mode for Apple Watch while it sits back and has it food. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

9. Sena Leather Travel Apple Watch Charging Case

This leather case for Apple Watch will protect not only your watch but also other small accessories. The lid has powerful magnets which makes sure that the lid does not come off and iWatch stays safe inside. This case comes extremely handy when one travels. Just in case you don’t find an appropriate place to lay your Apple Watch, you can leave it on the case and connect the cable to power output.

The beautiful gunmetal polish trim and European leather makes it welcoming and suitable for both men and women. The snug and compact design also make it suitable to place it on your desk or a piece of beautifully crafted furniture. We totally loved the design of this product and decided to featured in our list of best Apple Watch accessories of year 2020. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

10. Spigen Rugged Armor Pro for Apple Watch

This Spigen Armor case can protect your Apple Watch by all means and definitely a good addition in our list of best Apple Watch accessories of year 2020. Though waterproofing is not officially mentioned, we expect it to provide protection against water splashes too. The rough edges give it a rugged look, making it best suitable for a run or workout sessions. Don’t forget to take it along with you on a trek or to the bowling alley.

The metal clasp makes sure that fit is secure and doesn’t break easily. The raised edges make sure to avoid scratches on the beautiful display. This best accessory for Apple Watch actively absorbs shocks, thanks to the shock-absorbing and flexible layers. It is advisable to use a 42mm screen protector for Apple Watch while using this case so that the sides don’t peel off.

best apple watch accessories 2020

11. LELONG Stainless Steel Wristband Apple Watch Strap

Best Apple Watch gift for women! It’s all in the looks they say, buy the quality must also be top-notch. That’s what this product is all about. Available in more than half-a-dozen eye-catching colours, makes it suitable for daily too. It’s all the Bling in the middle! The gorgeous crystal design makes it best price-to-value Apple Watch Band for Women.

The resizing tool makes it extremely easy to make it a perfect fit for your wrist. The Bling clasp will fit on a wrist of 5.7-6.8 inches. No matter where you go, shopping, party, club or college it will make the heads turn. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

12. Native Union Marble Best Apple Watch Charging Dock

The price tag might be a bit steep for those looking for a budget dock, but weighing 2.82 pounds, it is a premium product and surely needs a mention in our list of best accessories for Apple Watch. This product is a mark of true craftsmanship. Crafted out of a single marble, not only elevates the charging docks design but also the desks’ on which you will place it on.

It is the best charging dock for Apple Watch and will fit right in without any peculiarity. Your iWatch will snap straight onto it, no matter whether strapped or not. You can choose to place it horizontally or vertically, based on how you wish to interact with the watch. We would have loved to see a cable included. Anyways, this definitely is a great addition in our list of best Apple accessories of year 2020. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

13. Smiling Ultra-thin Best Apple Watch Case

These budget and ultra-thin cases are a big deal to keep your Apple Watch simplistic and yet protective. The hard PC case is a deal-breaker and comes with a built-in screen protector. Designed specifically for Apple Watch, makes sure that the cutouts are precise and doesn’t wobble around. You can easily take it ON/OFF without removing the band.

This covers the screen completely including the curved edges. This is one of the best Apple Watch accessories that protects your Apple Watch from falls and drops, including scratches. The tempered glass doesn’t interfere with the touch sensitivity of watch display.

best apple watch accessories 2020

14. Catalyst Best Waterproof Case for Apple Watch

We are in absolute praises from head to toe for this product. This product is the best waterproof case for Apple Watch. Whether be it on land or underwater use, it won’t disappoint you! Catalyst has done it again. Made with utmost precision, it will keep your watch absolutely safe underwater and that is the reason you are seeing this one in our list of best Apple Watch accessories of year 2002. 

It is IP68 rated and allows you to deep dive into water up to a depth of 330 feet or 100 meters. Moreover, it also exceeds military-grade standard protection and can guard your Apple Watch against drops from a height of 6.6 feet or 2 meters. Made with lightweight silicone and polycarbonate materials, it is absolutely a steal for those who dive deep into the water.

best apple watch accessories 2020

15. Satechi USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock

Yet another great product to own! It is probably the best on-the-go Apple Watch charger. It hosts a USB-C type port and is compatible with all Apple Watch series. Connect it with your iPad or MacBook and lay your watch around it. That’s it!

This best Apple Watch charging dock might also be used with your iPhones in the future, as Apple is planning to use USB-C ports for their iPhones too. It is MFi certified, giving you complete assurance of its quality. Fits in your fist or you can carry it in your bag. The ultra-slim design with USB-C connector takes this product to a whole new level. We would have also loved to see a lid for the USB-C port so that no dust enters the port. Still it is one of the best Apple Watch accessories if you looking to charge your watch on a go. 

best apple watch accessories 2020

Though there are hundreds of best accessories for Apple Watch, not all deserve to be owned. Keeping the price-to-value and functionality aspects in our consciousness, we have managed to get the best Apple Watch accessories of year 2020 in the above list- there may be a few considerations. Now, it’s up to you to choose the best one that meets your requirement.

Let us know in the comments below about your pick or query and we will connect to you as soon as possible. Also, if you think that some product deserves a mention in our list of best Apple Watch accessories of year 2020, do let us know that too. 

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