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18 Best iMac Accessories of Year 2021

It’s no doubt that Apple makes the best all-in-one desktop computers available in the market today and with this, there are many best iMac accessories available in the market. The baseline model of the Apple iMac Pro series features Radeon Pro Vega 56, 3.2Hz 8-core Intel Xenon W processor, 32GB memory, 5k display and much more starting at just $4,999.00. 

By now you might have understood that this is a powerful machine not meant for everyone. But if you are a hardcore movie editor, gamer or a graphic designer then this is the computer to go for- with a few configurations.

If you have bought an Apple iMac/iMac Pro, you will realise that you’d still need some best iMac accessories to take your home or office space to the next level. That is the reason, we thought to focus this article featuring some of the best accessories of iMac that will help you to increase your productivity even more while working on this powerful machine. 

So, hang on tight and have a look at the best iMac accessories of year 2021 that we have especially hand-picked for you.  

The Best iMac Accessories of Year 2021

1. OWC 14 Port Thunderbolt 3 Dock

The OWC Thunderbolt 3 has plenty to offer then one can ever think of:  USB 3.1 + Thunderbolt 3 + SD Reader + Gigabit Ethernet + Display Port (with 4K or 5K support) + microSD reader + Audio jack + 85W Notebook charging Port and much more. That is the reason, we have kept this one in our list of best iMac accessories of year 2021. 

It currently ships in two variants selling for $269.99 for the black variant- my favourite and $293.99 for the silver variant. This dock is especially aimed at the creative heads out there by giving them UHS-II speeds up to 312MByte/s, 85W power supply and Thunderbolt 3 with 40 Gbps speed. 

Coming to the design aspects, there is not much to say about it. It comes with a piano-like gloss finish on top which might attract dust and fingerprints. Having two memory card readers and two years of OWC limited warranty is a relief to the soul. 

If you think that this one is not the one that you are looking for, you can choose other options we have listed in our other article featuring the best Macbook Pro USB-C hubs that work with iMacs too. 

best imac accessories 2020

2. Satechi Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub Pro 

Compatible with 2019/2017 iMac and iMac Pro, this silver and space grey coloured type-c clamp hub with USB-C Data Port, 3 USB 3.0, Micro/SD Card Reader quickly adds USB expansion ports to the front of your computer for convenient access to all your devices.

This is one of the best iMac accessories that securely plugs into your iMac’s Thunderbolt 3 port via 6-inch shielded. Also, there is an adjustable knob to fasten the hub to the bottom of the computer. This device adds a USB-C data port, 3 USB 3.0 ports and Micro/SD card reader slots for a fast and secure data transfer.

best imac accessories 2021

3. Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Another one in our list of best iMac accessories of year 2021 is Magic Trackpad from Apple itself. If you are someone who doesn’t like to work with a mouse or adore a glass surface on your belongings, then you are looking at the right product. Earlier, Apple used to sell the first version of the Magic Trackpad 2 which was not up to the mark. But today the Magic Trackpad 2 comes with a surface area that is 30 per cent larger than the previous model. 

Magic Trackpad 2 is one of the jaw-dropping and best iMac accessories that you would like to add to your desktop. A rechargeable device crowned with edge-to-edge glass surface and comprises of four force sensors underneath the trackpad surface to enhance the functionality at your fingertips, to establish a deeper connection with your content.

best imac accessories 2020

4. Twelve South MagicBridge

Another one in our list of best accessories for iMac is a device for all those of you who hate mess on the work station. It helps users connect Apple Magic Trackpad 2 to Apple Wireless Keyboard and keep the desk organised and creates a tidy two-in-one combo.

It holds trackpads either left or right of keyboard. Using this, you get easy access to power switches and Lightning ports for charging. Please note that you don’t get trackpad and keyboard with it. That you will have to buy separately.

best imac accessories 2021

5. Western Digital 6TB My Book Hard Drive

When it comes to a hard drive, it’s mandatory that the hard drive checks these boxes: hardware encryption, read speeds and Interface. The WD 6TB hard drive is currently priced at $129.99 and can cost up to $899.99 for 24TB.

The WD 6TB hard drive comes with USB 3.0 and is Apple’s time machine backup protocol compatible. It is equipped with social media and cloud storage import, password protection to keep your files safe. Considering its speed, it should take about a day to transfer around 5.1TB to it via USB 3. It includes a 12V (DC) 1.5A Power Adaptor which doesn’t block the rest of the outlets.

There are low vibrations when the drive runs which are damped by the rubber mounts and feet. It comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s limited warranty helping the customers to gain confidence in them. All these reasons makes it a perfect companion for iMac and that is why listed in best iMac accessories of year 2021 article. 

best imac accessories 2020


Why monitor stand? A monitor stand helps you to resolve neck, shoulder and back pain caused if you are probably not sitting in the right posture and your monitor is not at a proper eye-level. 

The Monitormate ProBASE X is crafted from aluminium to provide a sturdy solution and aesthetic look for your desktop. It includes Gigabit-Speed Ethernet connectivity, 2 USB 3.0 ports and SD/microSD card reader with read/write speeds up to 104Mb/s. There is also an 18W QC/PD fast charging port through which you can charge your iPhone, iPods and other devices as well. The hidden drawer is the icing on the cake. 

Overall, the gorgeous black aluminium stand blends in very well and gives an elegant look to your entire setup. I am looking forward to buy this product in the future and think that this one should include in our list of best iMac accessories of year 2021. 

best imac accessories 2020

7. Logitech MX Master 2S

For all the gamers out there who can’t get enough of the Magic TrackPad 2 and don’t want to lay their hands on Magic mouse 2, here’s the best alternative that can be regarded as one of the best iMac accessories. A premium device with a brand new 4000-DPi precision sensor can track on virtually on any surface and even on glass. It is a next-gen MX Master 2S mouse for the people with multiple desktops and cross-computer file sharing.  

You can sync up to 3 computers at once and the battery is rated at 70 days, unlike Apple’s mouse, you can use it while it’s charging. The MX Master 2S is ergonomic to hold and the scroll wheel allows you to scroll up or down, right or left. 

Moreover, the Hyper-efficient scrolling allows you to auto-shift for a click to hyper-fast scroll. In our view, it is a “near-perfect” mouse. All these features makes it one of the best wireless mouse as well. 

best imac accessories 2020

8. Twelve South HiRise Pro for iMac

Suitable for iMac/ Displays/ Monitors, this Hirise Pro elevates you iMac or the external monitor to your optimal viewing height. You can adjust the height to up to 93mm (3.66 in). Featuring a reversible walnut/aluminium front plate and padded leather top, this adjustable Hi-Rise pro is sure to complement your modern home decor.

This product doubles as desktop storage for hard drives, hubs or personal items too. There is an internal shelf that adjusts to four different screen height options. The displays can fit up to a maximum base depth of 235 mm (9.25 in) and max base width of 235 mm (9.25 in). We loved the design and that is why thought to include in our list of best iMac accessories.

best imac accessories 2021

9. LG Ultrafine 5K Display

The monitor plays an important role when it comes to your eye health and colour accuracy. The LG Ultrafine 5K display features a stunning 5120-by-2880 resolution, P3 wide colour gamut and 500 nits of brightness which brings your content to life. The iMac Pro can support up to two external 5K displays and four external 4K displays. 

The LG Ultrafine 5K display is recommended and also sold by Apple and perfect for those who want have a second monitor as well with their iMac. This is one of the best iMac accessories that hosts one Thunderbolt 3 port (input), three USB-C (USB 3.1 gen 1, 5 Gbps), an inbuilt camera and much more. Based on your needs, you can increase the height of the monitor and as well as the tilt. The only aspect of it that is currently being argued upon is its casing; it’s just a weird-looking monitor. 

best imac accessories 2020

10. Satechi Type-C Aluminium Monitor Stand Hub

As we have previously mentioned, having your monitor at a comfortable viewing angle helps you to reduce neck strain and improves your posture. Satechi’s Type-C iMac/iMac Pro stand is designed with unibody construction and brushed aluminium finish. There’s also a less dense white LED at the front, right to the ports, which indicates a successful connection to your iMac Pro.

It comes with one USB-C data port (up to 5 Gbps) + three USB 3.0 ports (up to 5 Gbps) + one micro/SD card slot (with USH-I). The problems that appear to my mind are that when you have all the ports connected, it will immediately clutter up your workspace and it lacks the hidden compartment space. The bottom line is that it has a versatile design which might be useful for you if you use an adjustable standing desk. Regardless of that, this is still one of the best accessories for iMac in our list. 

If you looking for another option for USB-C hubs/adapters, you can check our other article showing some of the best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs

best imac accessories 2020

11. HEiL Sound PR-40 Dynamic Studio Microphone

If you a YouTuber or run a Podcast channel, you should definitely invest in the best microphones available. There are many other microphones out there in competition. But the PR40 is assembled at Heil Sound’s facility in Illinois, USA and surprisingly has frequency range for a microphone, covering 28Hz-18KHz (-3dB). A magical combination of iron, boron and neodymium gives the PR-40 the strongest magnet structure possible. 

However, there’s a huge change in the levels while using the PR-40 straight up and using it three inches or more away. It’s recommended to use a pop shield, just to keep you at a safe distance. Most of the customers that have bought the HEiL Sound PR-40 are satisfied and have a good opinion about it. This is one of best iMac accessories specifically for YouTubers or those who have Podcast channel.

best imac accessories 2020

12. Webcam Cover Slide for iMac

Designed specifically for privacy purposes, these ultra-thin web camera covers for laptops, MacBook Pro, tablets, PC, iPad, smartphones, tablets lets you protect your data from hackers. Cover your cameras with this latest technology and be safe at all times. This way, hackers won’t be able to peek into your data. In today times, this is an essential product and that is why listed in this article featuring all the best iMac accessories of year 2021.

These 0.6mm super thin and undetectable slides when the laptop lid is closed. You can apply the adhesive easily which when removed does not leave residue behind. These are super easy to use. All you get to do is simply peel off the sticker and apply on clean webcam area, place your finger on the slider to uncover webcam when you need a camera. It’s as simple as that! The package includes 6 webcam covers with two different dimensions viz. 28 x 11 x 0.6mm (three pieces) and 20 x 9 x 0.6mm (three pieces), and a cleaning pad.

best imac accessories 2021

13. Bose Companion 20 Speakers

The Bose Companion 20 speakers have a great sound-output quality considering that these are the only sleek pair of speakers and don’t have a separate subwoofer unit. Whether you are listening to your favourite music playlist, on an important business call or gaming with your friends, these speakers won’t let you down. That is the reason we have included this in our list of best iMac accessories because we know there are many music lovers out there. 

I would personally suggest you to EQ them based on your taste. The Bose Companion 20 speakers sound like high-end speakers if EQ’d. The room-filling performance of these speakers will bring more life to your music, games and videos. A proprietary TrueSpace stereo digital processing creates a wide two-channel soundstage engineered specifically for your iMac. 

best imac accessories 2020

14. Leather Desk Pad

The 36″ x 20″, Vine creations office desk mouse pad and writing surface provide maximum protection for your desk. Super easy to clean, this PU leather pad provides a stylish, modern, and professional look to your desk. This cool pad will help you to keep your desktop organized and clean and looks aesthetically beautiful. Definitely a great addition and must have in our list of best iMac accessories if you like to organized everything on your table.

It is a dual-sided PU leather pad and you can use it reversibly. Not just that, this desk pad promises to help you boost your work productivity. The waterproof and oil-proof heavy duty material to protect from any stains, spills, scratches or watermarks. This smooth pad allows your mouse to glide easily. It is designed to work with an optical and laser mouse. The wide surface area gives plenty of space for your laptop, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and journal.

best imac accessories 2021

15. Beats Studio 3 Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphones

These on-ear noise cancellation headphones come with Apple W-1 chip integrated which seamless helps you to switch between your Apple devices and that is why you are seeing this one in our list of best iMac accessories. This wireless headphone comes with USB 2.0 cable, giving it the ability to fast charge. A ten minute of charge gives about 3 hours of playback time and up to 22 hrs of playback on a complete charge.  

They also feature Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation (Pure ANC) which actively blocks background noise and enhances the real-time audio calibration to preserve clarity and emotion. Another one in the list of best accessories of iMac for those who just love listening to music. 

best imac accessories 2020

16. Kuzy – Best iMac Monitor Cover

Who all of you have the habit of covering your system with a piece of cloth so that it doesn’t catch dust? Well, I am the one and using it already for my iMac. This is my personal favorite and one major reason to include it in our list of best iMac accessories. I guess, I have got the smart solution for this problem and I don’t need to look for a cloth in my house to cover my monitor. Here is a simple 27 ” iMac monitor cover to protect your iMac screen from fingerprints and dust. This black cover from Kuzy is stylish and form-fitting, it’s designed to quickly cover your iMac monitor in no time.

The high-quality anti-slip protective cover is crafted from a premium ultra-thin fabric that is delicate and gentle to the touch. It’s durable enough to be stretched without ripping. Also, you don’t have to worry about washing it. It’s a simple machine washable cloth that’s easy to clean. Kuzy will protect your screen not just from dust but sunlight, moisture, dirt, fingerprints, scratches, UV damage and daily wear and tear. 

best imac accessories 2021

17. Twelve South “Backpack” | Hidden Storage Shelf

How about adding some extra space for your desk? This little mount attaches to the back or front of your iMac Pro stand and creates a small shelf-like space there.

This is one of the best iMac accessories of year 2021 that can be used to hang your hard drives, action figures or pictures. You can place it in the front and place your iPhone, wallet and keys. It can hold up to 3.5 pounds and will make sure that your workspace is organized. 

best imac accessories 2020

18. Gator Cases Creative Pro Nylon Carry Tote Bag for iMac 27 inches 

Even though it’s not a mandatory investment to be made, it becomes a necessity for those professionals who can’t get their work done unless they take their iMac Pro with them to the job site or when you shift your workspace. 

Your iMac Pro is safe and secure in the Gator Cases Creative Pro with adjustable foam padding and support blocks. It goes beyond that! It protects your iMac Pro from the rain with its built-in rain cover, rubber feet and PVC protection at the bottom. This bag has all the features one could ever think of. Well, that is why we have listed this one in our list of best iMac accessories.  

best imac accessories 2020

With this, we come to the end of the listicle of best iMac accessories of year 2021. Which one out of these best iMac accessories appeals you to an extent that you believe will add a feather to you iMac and make it all the more cool and smart?

Do leave in your comments below and let us know. Also, if you have any such cool iMac accessory that you have been using and like it a lot, don’t forget to write about it and let us know of the same. We will update our list of best iMac accessories of year 2021 as per your suggestions.

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