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15 Best iPhone 12 Cases

Apple recently turned up the heat by launching its all-new iPhone 12 series. Surprisingly, with the launch of all the new iPhones 2020 at competent prices we expect them to be most selling iPhones ever and even the requirement of best iPhone 12 cases are ever increasing. Bringing 5G with the highest network speed ever in a smartphone was a move in the right direction. Speaking of power, the all-new iPhone 12 series is powered by the state-of-the-art engineering 5nm A14 Bionic chipset. 

With the launch of the all-new Blue colour variant, the iPhone 12 gives a Zen garden-like vibes. Unfortunately, it still belongs behind a case.

Let us explain! Apple smartly slipped away by keeping the same old fashioned Glass back design in hindsight of their Keynote. All they highlighted was the “Ceramic Shield”- at the front, which in turn is glass infused with nano-ceramic crystals. This doesn’t mean the new iPhone 12 series are not worth buying.

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All we want to bring to your notice is that it will crack less than iPhone 11 series. So, you still need a best iPhone 12 case. Get ready to wrap it up the best iPhone 12 cases! This article will feature different types of best iPhone 12 cases that you would love to buy to protect your phone and stylise it to some level. 

So, without any further adieu, have a look at all the best cases for iPhone 12 and find the one that you want to buy.

The Best iPhone 12 Cases

1. ESR Air Armor Best iPhone 12 Case

What a fabulous case ESR has manufactured for iPhone 12 at affordable price. You can buy this without any second thoughts and definitely can be considered as one of the best iPhone 12 cases. Looks beautiful inside out with military-grade protection at its heart! Truly speaking, they have raised the bar for best iPhone cases this year. It not only protects your iPhone 12 screen effortlessly but also cameras at the back with raised Camera bezels.

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This best case for iPhone 12 comes with shock-absorbing Air-guard corners complimented with military-grade protection to protect your iPhone from falls. The frame is absolutely flexible and the hardback has your iPhones back. With all this under its hood, it is also wireless charging compatible and the case is made from premium material to prevent yellowing.

best iphone 12 case

2. Spigen Tough Armor Best Case for iPhone 12

As the name suggests, it is one of the best cases for iPhone 12. Wait, hold on! This doesn’t mean it has to be bulky. Weighing at just 3.52 ounces makes it perfect armour case for your iPhone 12. Also, it is compatible with most screen protectors out there. Do check our other article showcasing all the best iPhone 12 screen protectors and choose the compatible one with this case. 

This best iPhone 12 case comes with a reinforced kickstand with raised lips to protect the cameras and screen from scratches. But what’s so special about this armour case? With the thickness and weight unchanged, they have added a new layer of Tough Armor protection to guard your iPhone against free falls and accidental drops. The slim design provides optimal grip with the added benefits of Air Cushion technology, wireless charging and military-grade protection. Doesn’t all these things makes it one of the best iPhone 12 cases? Let us know. 

best iphone 12 case

3. Smartish Best iPhone 12 Case

If you are looking for an iPhone 12 case with extreme grip to hold on to your iPhone 12 as tight as a drum, buy it! It is a Gripzilla! This best iPhone 12 case offers the best grip so that there are zero chances of your new iPhone 12 slipping out of your hands. To enhance the grip design, they have employed groovy side design that provides a firm grip equivalent to a handshake.

The protective air pocket corners guard your iPhone 12 against accidental drops and intense falls. The hard exterior on the outside protects your device from daily wear and tear and the soft interior padding keeps the glass back in a pristine condition. We loved the design and usability of the product and that is why included in our list of best iPhone 12 cases. 

best iphone 12 case

4. Totallee Best Thin iPhone 12 Case

There is currently no other case on the market that even comes close to it and that is why you are seeing this one in our list of best iPhone 12 cases. This case is a perfect option if you do not want to add any additional bulk to your iPhone 12. With the case put on, you won’t probably notice it in your hands. With a thickness of just 0.02 inches, it is currently the slimmest iPhone 12 case on the market.

This best case for iPhone 12 will protect your iPhone from daily wear and tear and also from minor falls. The raised lip surrounding the cameras helps to prevent scratching of camera lenses. This best iPhone 12 case comes in two color variants- Frosted clear and Navy blue. 

This particular case is featured in our list of best iPhone 12 Pro cases as this is compatible with iPhone 12 Pro too. Do check our article showcasing best cases for iPhone 12 Pro.

best iphone 12 case

5. Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal iPhone 12 Case

If you are in search of a modern day protective case for iPhone 12 yet chic looking, you have to buy this one. Made from the protection of Spigen and looks of a premium case, gives it a completely new appearance from the traditional Spigen cases. With military grade protection it can seamlessly guard your iPhone from intense falls and scuffs.

The added depth of neo hybrid crystal makes your iPhone 12 safer. The buttons feel tactile and the cutouts are precise. With lots of protection on board, it’s still wireless charging friendly and definitely one of the best contender in our list of best cases for iPhone 12.

best iphone 12 case

6. ESR Cloud Series Best Case for iPhone 12

The name says it all! As light as a cloud would be, this best case for iPhone 12 weighs at about an ounce. You’ll barely notice its weight. As smooth as a cloud yet offers a grippy matter texture so that it doesn’t slip away from your hands. Made precisely for iPhone 12, it fits in perfectly and the ultra-soft edges allow you to put the case on and take it off comfortably.

The supple silicone helps to resist built up of fingerprints and smudges over a period of time. This is one of the best iPhone 12 cases that doesn’t allow water to rest on the case. The reinforced frame makes sure to keep your iPhone safe from falls and scratches.

best iphone 12 case

7. Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 12

Are you looking for a case that gives an all-round protection and will protect your iPhone no matter what? You are looking right at it! Priced at $60, it falls steep under the premium category but is worth every penny to protect your device and that is why included in our list of best iPhone 12 cases. With added four-layer protection it passes four times as many drops as a military standard.

The best-clip holster doubles as a kickstand, allowing you to comfortably view video content on iPhone 12. The port protection is top-notch and the buttons feel tactile too. This best iPhone 12 case also supports wireless charging. We would have also loved to see waterproofing.

best iphone 12 case

8. CYRILL Best Leather Brick iPhone 12 Case

Though this case is sold and marketed by CYRILL, it has its heart manufactured by Spigen and that is why we have included it in our list of best iPhone 12 cases. Hence, you need not worry about the quality and protection on offer. This best leather case for iPhone 12 combines two layers at the top- one classy faux leather on the top and hard polycarbonate below for additional protection.

The soft microfiber lining on the interior keeps your iPhone 12 in a pristine condition. This best iPhone 12 leather case comes in a unisex design and offers four different colour variants to choose from- Black, Saddle Brown, Stone and Navy. You can opt for the Saddle Brown variant for an official occasion.

best iphone 12 case

9. Threebees Best iPhone 12 Slim Case

This slim clear iPhone 12 case allows you to flaunt the design of your iPhone and show its original beauty. With a thickness of just 1.2 mm you will barely notice the case on and the weighs about one and a half ounces. The best iPhone 12 case fits in like a glove without adding any additional bulk. The case is made from high-quality rubber and TPU to provide great grip experience.

The raised bezels protect the screen and iPhone 12 camera lens from scratches. Also, this is one of the best cases for iPhone 12 which is equipped with premium quality layers to prevent the case from yellowing.

best iphone 12 case

10. ESR Metal Kickstand iPhone 12 Case

ESR has really outperformed this time to give their best shot and claim the market. If you like binge-watching Netflix or use FaceTime a lot on your iPhone, then this best iPhone 12 case with a kickstand is what you need. The frame comes with reinforced drop protection to guard your iPhone 12 against drops and scuffs.

The raised bezels make sure to avoid scratching of the screen and camera lens when laid on flat surfaces. The kickstand is made from metal and is freely adjustable up to 60 degrees for optimal viewing angles. We loved the design and that is one main reason to feature this product in our list of best iPhone 12 cases. 

best iphone 12 case

11. Temdan Best iPhone 12 Protective Case

Temdan has done it again by providing an all-round protective case for iPhone 12. Designed specifically for iPhone 12, the cutouts are precise and the buttons feel tactile too. The highly touch-responsive built-in screen protector for iPhone 12 provides minimum latency rates.

The dual-layer rugged protection at the back is military drop tested to provide the best possible protection against drops and scuffs. The TPU bumper case offers a good amount of grip and translucent back supports wireless charging. With a 360° protection, we would have loved to see waterproofing at a higher price.

best iphone 12 case

12. CYRILL Silicone Best iPhone 12 Case

This super-thin and super-lightweight case manufactured by Spigen- yet again looks absolutely beautiful and offers protection too. The case gives your iPhone 12 protection from all the sides. The raised lips help you guard your iPhone 12 camera lens and screen against scratches when placed on flat surfaces.

The thin design makes it extremely comfortable to hold and pocket friendly too. Thanks to the inner microfiber cushion, this best case for iPhone 12 keeps your phone in pristine condition. The is one of the best cases for iPhone 12 that also allows you to charge your iPhone wirelessly.

best iphone 12 case

13. Redpepper Best Slim iPhone 12 Case

The Redpepper case might have been underrated over a period of time but now it’s a game-changer and needs a mention in our list of best iPhone 12 cases. The heavy-duty iPhone 12 case might appear to be simple, but it also seems to have the ability to protect your iPhone 12 from minor water splashes without leaving any stains behind.

The shock-absorbing TPU bumper case is military-grade tested to absorb shocks from drops up to 10 feet. The included screen protector is sensitive to touch and safeguards your iPhones screen from scuffing and scratches. The addition of screen protector with a case in this price is definitely a steal deal and that is another reason to put it in our list of best cases for iPhone 12. 

best iphone 12 case

14. Hocase Best iPhone 12 Shockproof Case

 The Hocase rugged iPhone 12 case is actually a two-in-one case that comes with a screen protector. The built-in screen protector with raised bezels ensures protection against face falls and scratches. This best case for iPhone 12 feels strong in hand and the buttons feel tactile too.

The grip design along the sides of the TPU bumper frame elevates your confidence to carry your iPhone around. The lightweight body also supports wireless charging and thus can be considered as one of the best iPhone 12 cases. 

best iphone 12 case

15. FLOVEME iPhone 12 Clear Case with Screen Protector

Looking for a minimal case to protect your iPhone 12 from daily wear and tear including minor falls? Look no further and check one of the best iPhone 12 cases from FLOVEME! This best iPhone 12 case ships with a slim crystal clear hard PC at the back and soft TPU bumper for a comfortable grip. Also, you get not one but two screen protectors for iPhone 12. Both of them are precisely machined to give complete access to the ports without hindering the performance of the sensor. 

best iphone 12 case

Though the new iPhone 12 ships with a fairly protective front and back glass, it’s not safe to carry it around naked and that is why we came with the article featuring the best iPhone 12 cases.

We recommend you to put on a case of your choice from our list of best cases for iPhone 12 for utmost satisfaction. Also, if you have already ordered one, do let us know in the comments section below and we will update our article of best iPhone 12 cases and covers. 

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