best macbook pro usb-c hubs

13 Best MacBook Pro USB-C Hubs

As the days pass by, the HDMI and USB-A ports in laptops are becoming obsolete. The laptops are becoming lighter and efficient instead of people. The new MacBook Pro and as well as the MacBook Air come only with USB-C ports and an audio jack. And that is why, there’s need of hubs that will help you to attach other accessories with your device and this list is basically for those who are looking for best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs in the market. 

This might leave you embarrassing while you are ready for your presentation and there’s a facility only for USB-A output and that is why it is necessary to carry a best MacBook Pro USB-C hub with your always. Yes, even though in this fast-paced modern world few of the companies still prefer the traditional ways. That is why, this article will focus on all the best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs and adapters so that you can choose the right one. 

How to Select Best MacBook Pro USB-C Hub or Adapter?

Just to be sure enough to pick a USB-C hub or an adapter through which you can connect all your essential accessories and still have one or two slots left for future purposes. A minimalistic and best USB-C Hub for your MacBook Pro must have 4k support, USB-C port, USB-A port, micro/SD card reader, HDMI port, an Ethernet port and audio jack are optional. 

Have a look at our curated list of best MacBook Pro USB-C Hubs and find the one most suitable one for you. 

The Best MacBook Pro USB-C Hubs

1. Anker PowerExpand Best 8-in-1 USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro

Anker has a huge consumer base when it comes to electronics. This product is by far the best deal on can look for and that is why we have included it in our list of best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs. It includes probably most of the ports that you will ever need. The HDMI port supports media display at resolutions up to 4k@60fps. 

This 8-in-1 best MacBook Pro USB-C hub comes with an 18-month warranty and a travel pouch as well- how caring of Anker. It has the ability to provide high-speed charging up to 85W. The body is made of polycarbonate and weighs less than 4 oz. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

2. TOTU 11-in-1 Best MacBook Pro USB-C Hub

If you are someone crazy who want to access all of his electronic accessories at once, this is the option to go for. Though there are many other options with a higher number of ports, we recommend you to opt for this product and that is why we have featured this one in our list of best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro. 

A shout out to the 90s kids who still use their childhood accessories with a VGA output. You can also use the RJ 45 gigabit Ethernet port for fast internet advantage. Everything is not perfect though. Even with the 11 ports and pretty good built quality, it doesn’t support 4k@60fps which is a little drawback. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

3. Satechi Slim Best MacBook Pro USB-C Adapter

Looking for a slim and best MacBook Pro USB-C adapter? You will hopefully like this product from Satechi for your MacBook Pro. Though it can support 4k@30fps it’s an ideal adapter due to its slim design. It boasts 2xUSB-A which can provide speeds up to 5Gbps each. 

There are other ports as well which get the job done. But the two aspects that made us a bit hesitant were that it can support charging speeds up to 60W only and is costlier when compared to its competition. This product will suit you well if you are will to spend the extra bucks and like a minimalistic setup. The design and 4K support are two major reasons that made this product featured in our list of best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs or adapters. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

4. Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Have a bank full of money? Here’s a product for you that currently costs a whopping $315. But its abilities are unparallel. It supports dual 4k displays both at 60Hz or a single 5k display at 60Hz- Fabulous! 

Most of the docks top out at USB gen 3.1 but this something way beyond. It boasts Thunderbolt 3 ports. Just to give you an idea of what Thunderbolt 3 is capable of, you can transfer 3 hours of 4k camera footage in less than a minute. Yeah, that’s true, and that is why you are seeing this in our list of best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

5. HyperDrive 7-in-2 Best MacBook Pro USB-C Hub

If you have a $100 to spend and looking for a slim MacBook Pro USB-C Hub this is the product to buy. The only problem is that it doesn’t support USH-II memory card read and write speeds. This might become a bit irritating for the videographers.

Otherwise, it’s a great buy as it supports 40Gbps/100W charging/5K video output and definitely the top contender in our list of best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs. HyperDrive’s 1-year warranty along with 30-day return policy makes your purchase me less stressful. Even though it comes with a hefty price, I would have personally preferred it to be a bit cheaper. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

6. Dell 452-DCYT D6000 Universal Dock

Everybody is well acquainted with the brand and the quality they have to offer. Also the new Dell XPS series are a great range of laptops to choose from. This universal dock has every port that you need and probably the ports that you will ever need and perfectly works with you MacBook Pro too. 

The DisplayLink technology allows you to connect up to a single 5k display or three 4k displays- the third one being at 30Hz. You might have to install separate drivers at the initial stages of the setup and you are good to go. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

7. Anker 7-in-2 Best USB-C Adapter for MacBook Pro

This is a beautiful and best USB-C Adapter for MacBook Pro and you will love it. An appealing value for price product loved by many and by me too. I would not have been surprised if they charged extra bucks and put an Ethernet port in there too. 

Regardless of that, this is the best product you can buy for a minimalistic approach. This is one of the best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs that also supports one Thunderbolt 3 port and 100W power delivery. The HDMI supports a resolution of up to 4k@30Hz and the Thunderbolt 3 port supports up to 5k@60Hz. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

8. Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock

This might not be the best price to value products but is another powerful USB-C dock for your MacBook Pro. This best USB-C Macbook Pro hub comes with 2xThunderbolt 3 USB-C ports that can support a 5k display or dual 4k displays. 

You can charge you MacBook Pro with 85W of power output. The other USB-C ports are always powered with 15W. So, you can simultaneously charge your iPhone and iPad using the two USB-C ports. This is a pretty good looking product and one of the major reasons to be featured in our list of best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

9. Apple Best MacBook Pro USB-C Hub

No list for Apple devices can be completed without mentioning one Apple product in it. This is yet another best Macbook Pro USB-C adapter coming from the Apple itself. 

It only comes with 1xThunderbolt 3 (USB-C), 1xHDMI port and 1xUSB-A port! The Thunderbolt 3 port supports only up to 4k@30Hz only. Coming from Apple, this bound to be in the list of best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs for those who always prefer to buy things from Apple even the accessories. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

10. Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Mini

Though this product doesn’t have a single USB-C port, it’s no less than the others. It comes with 2 x HDMI ports capable of dual 4k displays at 60Hz. The Thunderbolt 3 port allows you to transfer data up to 40Gbps. 

The small form-factor is also worth mentioning. It has got a USB-A 2.0 port if in case you have got an older device too. The Ethernet allows speeds up to 2 Gbps making it one of the best options for high-speed internet users. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

11. Dell WD15 Monitor Dock

When you buy a dell product, you know that it will at least last a decade. Most of the companies are trying to ditch the VGA and USB-A ports whereas on the contrary dell does the opposite. This is one of the best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs when it comes to multimedia connectivity.

The WD15 dock supports a massive 180W AC power adapter. This best USB-C hub for MacBook Pro comes with 3 x Superfast USB 3.0 ports and a dozen other ports. It can support dual 2k screen at 60Hz or a single 4k display at 30Hz. One of the few problems that strike my brain is that one might not be able to use such products for the long term in this changing world. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

12. VAVA 7-in-1 Best Macbook Pro USB-C Hub

The moment I noticed this product on Amazon for the first time, I thought it to be a scam. But it’s not! I can’t believe this either. Whether you want to buy the rest of the products or not, it’s up to you. I really recommend you to buy this $25 piece of joy. Yeah, that’s the price and with good reviews. One of the best contender in our list of best USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro. 

This small piece of tech comes with 100W of power distribution and 3xUSB 3.0 ports. Wait, there’s more! It can also support 4k@30Hz. The other ports also get their job done. The only reason for it to be so cheap can be its low built quality and lack of transistor-circuit design. Otherwise, this is a great product for you MacBook Pro. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

13. AUKEY 5-in-1 Best USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro

This is yet another great product to buy. Though it lacks micro/SD card reader, it will efficiently help you to convert one single port of your MacBook Pro into five ports. The USB-C and USB ports support data transfer rates up to 5Gbps. 

The HDMI port supports up to 4k@30Hz. The Ethernet port supports 1Gbps of internet speeds. There’s a lot more on plate considering the price. If in case you are not satisfied, the 24-month refund and replacement policy will help you relax. What else you need from one of the best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs. 

best macbook pro usb-c hubs

Though there are majorly 2 sub-categories in this topic, dock/hubs and adapter. Let us explain the difference in one line. Hubs are designed to provide several different ports whereas adapters are mostly single-port makeover, for example, USB-C to USB-Lightning.

I would suggest you to buy an appropriate device from the above list of these best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs/adapters based on your usage. Also, consider the amount of space available on your desk. If you have any more suggestions that you like to add in our list of best MacBook Pro USB-C hubs, do mention in the comments below and we will update the article. 

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